Programming Included

Charles H. Chen


M.S. and B.S. in Computer Science,
University of California San Diego

About Me

He received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the age of 18 at the University of California, San Diego and his Masters at the age of 20.
Charles works at NVIDIA as a TensorRT backend developer.

In the past, Charles worked at the UCSD Design Lab, under Philip Guo in designing HCI systems to better aid in CS education. Charles has also worked at the San Diego Super Computer Center under Beth Simon and Illkay Altintas in developing UCSD's Big Data Course on Coursera. He has also worked alongside San Diego School District in improving the implementation of the AP Computer Science curriculum, working closely with teachers and faculty in understanding student needs and how they can be better addressed through online technologies.

He has personally worked with non-profit and profit organizations in website design, event portfolios, system directories, and patent arduino hardware/software design.


Life is not only about work. Charles has several overarching goals and direction in life:

He has deep desires to help developing countries. Having recently gone to a developing Middle Eastern country as a CS teacher, Charles has been deeply interested in teaching or introducing technological aid to other countries. He is looking more into how to better serve in this area.

His interests are anything that involves creativity. Concept art design, music composing, theoretical math, machine learning, and game programming all fall into this realm. For more hobby oriented discussion, please refer to the Programming Included Blog.


Charles occasionally livestreams his own works in both programming for hobby related works and his non-programming related interests. The archives can be found under Youtube channel ProgrammingIncluded and SKKMelody respectfully.


June 2019 - Improv: Teaching Programming at Scale @ Qualcomm, SD


Improv: Teaching Programming at Scale via Live Coding. Charles Chen and Philip J. Guo. ACM Conference on Learning at Scale, 2019.