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Blog v0.1: Starting a New Blog

Paving the Way Forward

Charles Chen | 2017-09-08 07:10 PT

Hello World!

I hope this blog finds your way to you. This marks the first official blog of the Programming Included blog! My hope is that we can learn and discuss new things related to what I have learned. The blog will be aimed towards heavy emphasis on Computer Science related topics or thinking. Computational thinking is something that can cross into various domains and so we will not be restricted to only coding!

Okay, for future reference, here is the snapshot of the current site! There is still a lot to be implemented but it works for now!

Blog snapshot

So far there are no footers, no working contact buttons. Consider this a v0.1 release with future releases. Since this is a blog, precise change logs will not be found in articles, rather they will be in their own page. Which will be linked... eventually. Only big updates will have blog posts to showcase them. Since I consider this site itself to be a project as well! M E T A

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