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Design Process: Texture Mapping

My Thoughts on Panel in HandMadeCon 2016

Charles Chen | 2017-10-06 3:23 PDT

In the design lab that I research at, we often talk about the concept of going through the interation process.

When working on a project, often times we do not know the exact final product, however, we know the needs from the client. So much of the things we have today, we take for granted. I think this video illustrates this point very well. I have always been very greatful for Handmade Con. For Muratori to take the history of computer graphics and explain with clarity. The Handmade Con lives with this spirit in mind.

I recommend checking out this video when anyone has the chance. It talks a lot about tinkering around with unknowns and trying to figure out what to do. Furthermore, the video mentions something very interesting: the theory picked up after the design. The people who were working with texture mapping were prototyping more and worrying less about the math. This is a lot with the mentality of research. Calculus was invented as a process to describe Physics. Vice versa.

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